Rules for submission and registration of works

When writing works, special attention should be paid to the principles of publication ethics, formatting rules and the presence of plagiarism (self-plagiarism). Works may be rejected by the publisher for violation of these rules.

The editors and reviewers evaluate the work according to the recommendations of the journal-publisher.

Conference papers shall meet all the usual standards of quality for an IOP Publishing publication. However, referees shall take into account the conference nature of the papers and so consider background papers more favourably than would be normal for a regular paper. These allowances shall not go so far as to approve papers of low scientific standard or papers that have been published in written form elsewhere. Review papers are also welcomed and accepted.

Download Template - rules for article formatting (English)
Download Template - rules for article formatting(Russian)
Download An example of a completed work

The maximum number of authors is 5 people.

Please send completed works in MS Word format to

The work and the review are written in English, we ask you to pay attention to the literacy of the language.

Registration fees are paid after the acceptance of your work.

Dear authors, before submitting your works, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules for authors.