Participation in an international scientific conference and monographs

International Science Group invites you to publish your research papers in conference collections and monographs.

Scientific and practical conferences are held weekly throughout the academic year.

You have the opportunity to take part in international scientific conferences, which are held remotely (in absentia), by providing the relevant abstracts. Researchers, scientific-pedagogical workers, students, graduate students, teachers and students of educational institutions of all levels are invited to participate in international conferences.

All published materials of scientific conferences are in open access and can be viewed/downloaded on our site in the section Conference Archive. More detailed information about participation in international conferences can be found on our website in the section Submission and registration of theses.

Publishing monographs

By contacting the International Science Group, you can participate in the publication of a collective monograph or publish your own personal work.

To date, several individual monographs and a number of collective monographs have been published with the help of the International Science Group, which can be found on our website in the Monographs Archive section.

Publication and indexing works

Conference proceedings and monographs are published by the American publisher and are highlighted on the publisher's websites, Google Books, Crossref, and The Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI). Conference materials are selectively cited in Google Scholar. All materials of the conference are assigned DOI. All works presented by the authors in collective monographs are also assigned a personal DOI.