International scientific and practical conferences and collective monographs

The International Science Group invites you to publish abstracts in the collections of scientific and practical conferences, to take part in writing collective monographs on relevant topics, to publish your own monograph or the results of research by your team of authors. Each collection is assigned an international unique book number ISBN and DOI.

Participation in international scientific and practical conferences

Scientific and practical conferences are held weekly during the academic year and are registered in the database of scientific and technical events of UkrINTEI planned for 2022. The conferences are open to all teachers, scientists, students and postgraduates. The relevant certificates and the collection of materials can be viewed and downloaded on the first day of the conference on the website. More detailed information is available on the scheduled conferences page.

Participation in collective monographs

We invite you to take part in writing collective monographs. The monographs present the following sections: pedagogical sciences, medical sciences, technical sciences, economic sciences, legal sciences, philological sciences, agricultural sciences and others. All planned collective monographs can be found on the website. Also, all materials of the collective monograph are assigned a personal DOI. The published materials are freely available on the website of the International Science Group and BookwireTM.