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The publication of abstracts of scientific and practical conferences should be of interest to scientists, teachers, students, graduate students and even schoolchildren. We cooperate with all categories of interested people, who want to obtain a certificate of participation in an international conference.

The advantage of such experience is the lack of need to be distracted from the main activity, as conferences are held remotely. The collection of materials and the personal certificate are issued in electronic format. 

International Science Group holds international scientific conferences around the world, including:


International Science Group holds international scientific conferences around the world, including:

  • San Francisco, USA;
  • Athens, Greece;
  • Haifa, Israel;
  • Helsinki, Finland;
  • Tokyo, Japan.


The conference proceedings are available on the website of the International Science Group and the United States partner publishing house BookwireTM and are available to all visitors from the first day of the conference. Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference are assigned a personal international standard book number (ISBN), which was obtained from a publisher in the United States.

Each conference participant is issued a PERSONAL certificate of participation in the conference or monograph. Certificates can be freely downloaded from the site on the day of coverage on the site of conference or monograph materials.

The rules of design of abstracts and monographs are concise and clear, and our managers will always help you to fulfill them.

Anyone can publish the research results. Students of secondary schools, students, teachers, research and teaching staff and practitioners in the field can take part in scientific conferences.

Our managers provide feedback to participants. Questions about participating in the conference? Contact us at info@isg-konf.com for assistance. Need to consult on monographs? We are waiting for your letters to the address mono@isg-konf.com.

All previously published scientific and practical conferences can be found in the archive, and many interesting and important conferences will be organized in the future. We invite you to take part in them.

A personal monograph through a foreign publisher can be published. More detailed information and the possibility of publishing a group or personal monograph can be found in the relevant section «Monographs».

Positive experience is guaranteed, as theses and monographs are indexed in the scientific-metric database of Google Academy, which in turn helps to increase personal citation indexes. The list of held international scientific conferences with current dates is constantly updated, and it is easy to become a participant of one of them – just contact the e-mail info@isg-konf.com

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