Scheduled conference


Date Name Place Registration fee
April 27-30 XXIII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Theory, practice and science" Tokyo, Japan 250 UAN
May 04-07 XXIV International Scientific and Practical Conference "About the problems of practice, science and ways to solve them" Milan, Italy
May 11-14 XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Implementation of modern science and practice" Varna, Bulgaria
May 18-21 XXVI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Topical issues of practice and science" London, United Kingdom
May 25-28 XXVII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Multidisciplinary academic research and innovation" Amsterdam, Netherlands

International scientific conferences in a distance format are held every week. Scheduled topics and dates of conferences are listed on the International Science Group, so you can choose a direction in advance. Scientific and practical conferences 2021 have a wide geography - from Japan to Italy, each book is assigned an international unique book number ISBN. But that's not all:

  • you choose the language of publication yourself;
  • the collection is certified by the editorial board in the appropriate direction;
  • abstracts are indexed in the scientific metric database.

Thus, the International Science Group wants to show that participation in international conferences is profitable, interesting and easy. Scientific conferences 2021 is the publication of developments in the field of biology, economics, architecture, pedagogy, psychology and other areas that are of interest to the scientific community. Confirmation of participation in the international conference is a participant certificate, which is available for viewing and downloading on the day of publication of the collection of conference materials.

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