Participation in international conferences is an integral part of the scientific activity of any practitioner in their field. International Science Group invites you to participate in international scientific and practical conferences around the world.

How to become a participant

We are happy to cooperate with each representative of the scientific community and offer to be published even for students of secondary schools. Their works must be certified by a review of a teacher of the relevant field and educational institution. Otherwise, the process of participation in the international scientific conference is the same for everyone:

  • among the proposed conferences, choose the one you like, get acquainted with the conditions of its holding and the amount of the registration fee, which is indicated on the event page and the information letter to it;
  • send a file of abstracts in Microsoft Word format (* .doc, * .docx) and confirmation of the registration fee to Name the files accordingly Abstracts_Surname; Registration fee_Surname;
  • receive confirmation of receipt of materials by mail;
  • receive a certificate of participation in an international conference and a collection of materials by mail. Materials can also be downloaded at the link – link.

Information about future conferences is constantly updated, abstracts should be sent in advance, you can read the rules of registration of materials here. International Science Group reserves the right not to consider emails that do not contain mentioned files.

What does it give?

Invaluable experience of participation in the conference, which does not require distraction from the main activity – the work is carried out remotely. All participants are on equal terms, so that students, teachers, graduate students and scholars can become co-authors in one publication. Abstracts can be sent individually.

The results of the international scientific conference are published on the website of the International Science Group and the US publishing house, due to which the collections receive a personal international standard book number (ISBN). These publications are publicly available and are also indexed in the Google Scholar Metric database.

Based on the results of the scientific-practical conference, a collection is formed, which is available for download from the first day of the conference.

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