International Science Group cooperates with the US publishing house BookwireTM, together with which it was decided to publish not only materials of scientific conferences, but also collective monograph. Conference participants and guests of our site can get acquainted with all previously published works.

We are looking forward to cooperate and invite you to participate in writing and publishing a monograph by the author's team or in person. The papers will be posted on the BookwireTM and International Science Group websites.

The term of placing a monograph from the moment of its acceptance to publication is only 10 days. Each work is checked by our team personally, if necessary, subject to editing in consultation with the author.

Personal international book number ISBN is prescribed when publishing any monograph, it is the cooperation with the United States publisher BookwireTM gave us such an opportunity. The published monograph can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. To receive a printed version, please contact to agree on the terms of purchase and delivery of the printed version.

The rules for preparing a monograph can be found here.