VI International Scientific and Practical Conference “INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIES IN SCIENCE AND PRACTICE”, February 15-18, 2022, Haifa, Israel

Dear students, teachers and scientists!

International Science Group invites students, teachers of schools and universities to participate in a remote interdisciplinary international scientific-practical conference

The deadline for submission of abstracts and payment
of organizational contribution is February 13 (inclusive)

Placement of the collection of conference materials
on the website - from February 15

The registration fee is $10

The main directions of the conference

Architecture, Construction Astronomy
Biological sciences Veterinary sciences
Geographical sciences Geological sciences
Economic Sciences Journalism
Historical sciences Culturology
Medical Sciences Management, Marketing
Art history Pedagogical sciences
Political science Psychological sciences
Advertising Agricultural Sciences
Sociological sciences Technical sciences
Mineralogical sciences Tourism
Pharmaceutical sciences Physical and mathematical sciences
Philological sciences Philosophical sciences
Chemical sciences Legal sciences