Internship in EU

Scientific and pedagogical internship "Theory and practice of scientific and pedagogical approaches in education"

The beginning of scientific and pedagogical internship on March 29, 2021,
completion - April 29, 2021


Organizers: ISMA The University of Applied Sciences (ISMA) (Riga, Latvia) with the support of International Science Group (accompanied by a signed cooperation agreement).
Chairman of the organizing committee of the academic internship: Dr.oec. Deniss Djakons, ISMA Rector.

To complete the internship, applicants apply

Application for participation in scientific and pedagogical internship "Theoretical foundations of teaching in modern conditions"

Surname, name
Academic degree, academic title (if available)
Position, place of work
Contact phone
Postal address where to send the letter certificate (street, house, apartment, city (district), postal code № Nova Poshta branch, city (district))
I was familiarized with the terms of the internship (in accordance with the cooperation agreement between ISMA and ISG)

Organizational fee:

  • The cost of participation in the internship is 3900  in hryvnia and is used to cover transport administrative costs associated with the issuance of international certificates, site administration, inspection of works and classes.
  • Detailed payment information will be provided upon receipt of the application.

Download a sample certificate

The training load of the internship is 5 credits (180 hours) and is distributed as follows:

Module Number of hours
Interdisciplinary approach to the construction of educational programs (lectures, counseling in the development of the program, discussions, trainings, tests). Form of verification: credit 40
Strategic approach to remote learning - the application of the EU experience (lectures, counseling in the development of the program, discussions, trainings, tests). Form of verification: credit 40
Educational projects and European experience (lectures, counseling in the development of the program, discussions, trainings, tests). Form of verification: credit 40
Total number of hours 120
Practical task of module 1: Study of the European approach to the creation of a descriptive base of the discipline and adaptation of Ukrainian materials to European standards 20
Practical task  of module 2: Adaptation of the EU remote education strategy to the Ukrainian model 20
Practical task of module 3: Transfer of European experience through EU educational projects 20
The total number of hours of the practical part 60
Total number of hours 180

Conditions for completing the internship (in accordance with the cooperation agreement).

  1. ISG provides ISMA with payment for the gathered group 1 week (7 calendar days) in advance before the official date of internship at the requisites bellow.
  2. ISG recruits following individuals for the internship:
  • Teaching staff of higher educational institutions;
  • Researchers of scientific organizations,
  • Doctoral students, graduate students and degree seekers.
  1. ISG informs recruited interns about their obligation to visit lectures (remotely) and to perform tasks to obtain evaluation. ISG also informs the interns that the completion of payment without the completion of required evaluation tasks doesn’t guarantee obtaining of the certificates.
  2. If after the stated deadline ISMA doesn’t receive performed task for the evaluation, the internship is considered as void for the reasons beyond of ISMA control and obtained payment shall not be returned.
  3. After the completion of evaluation tasks, ISMA provides ISG with the control list of the internship participants and their obtained evaluations.
  4. The form of evaluation depends on requirements stated by ISMA teaching staff and may vary (essay, test, presentation or other) and according evaluation confirmation may vary as well (mark in 0-10 scale, where 10 is excellent, 4 is minimal positive evaluation) or such evaluation form as Completed / Uncompleted. Only those internship participants who performed evaluation tasks with obtained evaluation 4 and higher or Completed status may pretend on certification.
  5. The lecture delivery and tasks evaluation take place remotely in case of remote form of internship.
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