Socio-economic and management concepts (Economic Sciences)

International Science Group organizes the publication of a collective monograph in the field of Economic Sciences.

Socio-economic and management concepts (Economic Sciences)

Information sheet

Acceptance of materials until April 4 (inclusive)

The monograph will be published and posted on sites until April 11 (inclusive) 2020

United States Publishing House - Primedia eLaunch LLC LLC

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The registration fee is 80 UAH per page of text

International ISBN - 978-1-63684-341-4

Suggested sections:


- Accounting region і audit
- Demography, economy, social policy
- Theory and History
- Innovative economy
- Quantitative methods in economics
- Mechanisms of regulation of the economy
- Micro and macro economy
- International Economic News
- Administrative region and budget
- Finance, penniless and credit
- Economy of management and administration of radio technology
- Economics of industries
- Economy and management of state gratitude
- Insurance
- Sociology


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